1. Hey guys. I never use Tumblr, but here’s my highlight video from 2013. I competed in 11 tournaments last year and these clips are from most of them.

  2. If you live in Southern California make sure to check out my new project www.bjjopenmats.com

    We feature open mats from different academies all over the area, as well as charity events and grapplethons.

  3. VHTS: Very Hairy Thick Stache

  4. I want to start off by thanking Niten Brand for all of their support in 2013, and making me a part of their team. I appreciate the opportunities I’ve had this far, and know that Niten Brand played a role in many of them. I’d also like to announce that I will be joining the team at VHTS for the upcoming year. I’ve been a fan of the brand for a while now, and in excited for this new opportunity.

  5. The new Newaza Apparel rashguards are next level.

  6. We want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving…except Carter…he thinks this is bullshit.

  7. Dream $1000 Submission Only Tournament. The highlight of the event was during the Bill Cooper vs Mike Martinez Match. During a scramble, Eddie Bravo (who was sitting on the sidelines) yelled out “I’ll give you $100 for a twister!” One minute later Bill finished Mike by twister, and Eddie paid him $200 cash

  8. "Oh, hey. Me? Just choking this guy. What are you up to?"

  9. Highlights from my matches at the 2013 Fall Classic

  10. 2013 Fall Classic. I took third in the adult blue belt lightweight division, 2nd in the adult blue belt NOGI lightweight division, and closed out the adult blue belt NOGI absolute division with a friend. We did the finals match as a “flying armbars only” exhibition, since I had finished two of my matches by flying armbar.